#100: Parallax Hero on Page Scroll

Welcome to Daily Interaction 67

Add to Cart Button Animation on Hover

This example showcases moving lines around an image. The image also has a 3d rotation on hover.

do the honors,
hover over the button!

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Thank You

Thank you for checking out, cloning, or commenting on my daily interactions! These are really fun to do! I love UI animation and animation in general, and Webflow facilitates this process so much with their interactions 2.0!

I have gone through a few design iterations for the interactions interface, but I think my favorite so far is the latest one with the dark background :).

I will be opening a Slack channel soon where we can get together and discuss these daily interactions! Stay tuned!

Here is what I've learned after 100 daily interactions:

  • Easing is super important. Depending on the type of easing you choose you can make animations smoother and more life-like.
  • Timing is everything. As users we're use to things loading quickly and if an animation is too slow it can look lazy.
  • Working with % values of the element when moving it relative to other elements can be helpful especially if you want the animation to translate to other screens.
  • Overflow hidden can be great for masking and revealing elements.
  • Staggering animations can be a lot of work, but the result can be worth it. Hopefully Webflow makes staggering easier at some point :P.
  • There is more to UI animation than just making things move. UI animation is becoming more popular and there are some good guidelines to follow. Google has a great resource on UI Animation on their Material Design site. You can check it out here: https://material.io/design/motion/understanding-motion.html
  • Not something I learned per say, but just wanted to say - Webflow is frickin' awesome! They make it so easy to add the same interaction to multiple classes via interactions 2.0. I also love all the different interaction types you can add - from hover, click, scroll, mouse move, and page load.
  • You can add interactions when slides move in and out of a slider. Same with tabs. Super Cool!
  • There is a lot you can do with just the hover state and the different styling properties to create interesting animations.
  • Using flexbox and hover states you can create unique animated panels. Check out daily interaction #8, and #21 as an example.
  • Using perspective to create 3D animations is a lot fun :).
  • In general getting so much practice with Webflow has allowed me to learn the ins and out of the program, and has made me more proficient when using it.

Moving forward I plan to create even more 3D animations and infuse really interesting design elements into the interactions. I am constantly being inspired by what's on the web.

Stay tuned for the new Daily Interactions Slack Channel. You will be able to join direclty from each interaction posted.

Thank you to the entire Webflow community! This is such a bright community and the no code revolution is just beginning! See you there.

Special thanks to Matthew P Munger @matthewpmunger for posting the daily interactions on his Twitter and website.

- John Ramos @webdevforyou